The Importance Of Patriarchy In Society

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For a long time society has shaped how each gender should act and which traits are deemed appropriate and which are not. Due to how the general masses have grown with these notions, it’s been conformed to them and have tried their best to abide by the expectations that come along with the assigned gender. We are to do what society tells us though when you take a step back and realize that you don 't have to conform to these expectations as we can use our freedom against these oppressing ideologies. What I realized doing this scavenger hunt is that society pushes the patriarchy into our day to day routines. Patriarchy itself is a theme that resonates throughout society. Specifically, the three themes that really stood out were the enforcement of gender binaries, socialization and toxic masculinity.
One thing that really struck me was the enforcement of gender binaries. Almost all of the items listed pushed gender roles on males and females. We as humans shouldn’t have to choose how to behave or what to enjoy based off our gender. Society tells us what to do and we for the most part follow it because social media is a huge factor in displaying “supposed” gender norms. Similarly men and masculinity are the untheorized or undertheorized element in critiques of a patriarchal society (Walby, 1986,1990) that perpetuates sexual discrimination and inequality. It is shown through the items we have found. For example, when we found gravestones that wrote “Wife of..” or “Beloved Wife of

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