The Importance Of Paws For The Cause

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Paws for the Cause As an organization founded primarily for the happiness and well-being of both humans and animals, Paws for the Cause has done just that. Across the globe, animals are being left for dead and forgotten, along with humans. Many people don’t realize that animals and humans are alike in the way they can feel loneliness. Walking down the road, how many people do you see on street corners holding up signs asking for any change you can spare? Now imagine that times 5. For every homeless person you see, there are 5 animals wandering aimlessly trying to find scraps to eat or a place to rest their aching feet. Now, imagine how many cases of depression and anxiety there are roaming around the world. Having pets decreases stress and…show more content…
Animals can feel alone, happy, sad, and scared; but more often than not they feel alone, just like humans. Across the globe, 7.6 million animals per year are being brought into animal shelters. Now knowing that information, add in the fact that only 1 out of 10 animals that are born actually find homes; the rest either die or make their way to a shelter. Unfortunately, nine out of ten shelters are kill shelters. Meaning if animals aren’t adopted, they are euthanized. Logically, we all know that’s not fair; but its an everyday thing. If we could decrease the number of animals in shelters, or strays, that wouldn’t be as big of an issue. Walking down the street you see tons of homeless people holding up signs asking for work, money, food or prayers. When you see this some people feel pain and others tend to look right through it. You see all these people, now multiply that number by 5 and then by the number of countries there are globally. The resulting number from that equation is the number of stray dogs worldwide. Animals have humans beat 5 to 1. Animals can’t hold up signs, and they can 't ask you for spare change. All they can do is fight through it and eat what they have access to. In most cases that isn 't much at

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