The Importance Of Paying College Athletes Get Paid

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In today 's life college athletes are not pleased because they don’t get any compensation at all from their sport they are playing. There is a lot of similarities between professionals players and college athletes players like to broadcast of their games, they both can seen on the Tv or media. They both let people know the intense game that the players play, which gives the people a lot of excitement and grabs the people attention to pay for a ticket. Does it affect the college athlete to not get paid at all? Well according to some experts, it does because athletes need that money to pay college tuitions, to buy books, to pay apartment rent, etc. They really need that money to pay other necessities.”The money matter has others crying foul, though” (Robbie…show more content…
It affects them in the way of not being “treated” as professionals because they work their butts off to get in the level where they at right now and for them to get receive a single penny is like not receiving a “thank you” for not doing a job. Although college athletes should not get paid because they are receive scholarships from school. Since High School, college coaches look up for all-star players to recruit them and commit them to a college, the coaches offers them a great deal, which is like the scholarship. “Not every high-school sports-star has the brains for college” (The Economist). That means that college athletes have scholarships,although some of them don 't, so why get more
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