The Importance Of Paying College Athletes To Get Paid

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College athletes should get payed to play for their university. These athletes are basically being used, because the school makes money from them playing. The average college receives around 95 million dollars per season. During the season athletes do not have time to get a job, and they gotta pay for stuff somehow. If each athlete got $2,000 paid over the course of the semester, this would give them some spending cash and an opportunity to start managing their money.

Paying these college athletes will help pay for more than just extra activities. This money could help pay for students textbooks and other materials for education. Some textbooks, school supplies and even clothes for going to football banquets more often than not have to come out of the players’ pockets. Full scholarships can be great for students who get extra money from
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Also it would teach them how to manage money and how to become a responsible adult. With so many players getting so little out of their college experience, it would be nice for even just a few players to learn some of life’s important lessons. These student athletes need to learn as much about managing money as they possibly can before some of them make it to the pro’s and start earning a great amount of money more than they 're used to. It would also put some in the situation of financial stakes becoming high.

When players get suspended from a game, what does that really teach them? Many suspensions are carried out during early season when games are non conference. If these athletes were paid it could teach them that their actions could lead to a loss in income .It might be helpful to learn the effects of a suspension in college, while making less money as opposed to getting hit with a suspension without pay and big fine in the NFL. The current punishment.that are given to players who bend the rules only encourages more instances of undesirable
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