The Importance Of Peace In Islam

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The commandments related with internal peace and justice are obvious in the Holy Quran that can be taken into account as follows; Allah SWT prohibits any kind of inclination towards corruption (Al-Quran,:Surat al-Baqara, 205). Accordingly, corruption of any nature in all dealings is prohibited. Similarly, coercion in religion is discouraged. Thus, no one is likely to be exploited (Holy Quran: Surat al-Baqara, 256). In this way, Allah SWT has discouraged exploitation of any nature. The observation of values and norms is of significant importance for peace in a society. Therefore, Allah SWT has commanded to enter absolutely into peace (Islam) and urged Muslims not to follow in the path of Satan because he is an absolute enemy to you (Holy Quran: Surat al-Baqara, 208). The commitment to justice in Islam is a fact which Allah SWT has frequently commanded and does not prohibit you from being good to those who have not fought you in the religion or driven you from your homes and you are asked to be just towards them as Allah SWT feels affection for those who are just (Al-Quran,:Surat al-Mumtahana, 8). Thus, righteousness is the prime agenda that Al-Quran projects. Similarly, social equilibrium is highlighted in order to prevent exploitation on the brand of ethnicity, race and color. Accordingly, Allah SWT said, “We…show more content…
Accordingly, it is highlighted that goodness should be the foundation of every partnership. The nation with the adversarial relations is urged by Allah SWT to observe justice. Allah SWT has commanded to stand out firmly for Allah as witnesses for the sake of justice, and let not the enmity of a people cause you to turn away from justice. They are advised to do justice, for that is akin to piety (Al-Quran: Al-Ma’ida ,

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