The Importance Of Pedagogy In Education

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Pedagogy, although may seem to be a simple term to most people, what constitutes “pedagogy” is actually much more complex and not easily defined as definitions of said word appears to be somewhat obscure (Cogill, 2008). However, pedagogy, in general, is a mix of knowledge and skills that is essential for successful teaching from teachers and facilitating development in students. While teacher pass down knowledge to the younger generation, students in turn learn to develop those knowledges hence, both teachers and students are at the centre of the learning process. If we dig in further and more specific into the definition of “pedagogy," Education theorist Roger Simon explains that:

“Pedagogy” is a more complex and extensive term that “teaching”, referring to the integration in practice of particular curriculum content and design, classroom strategies and techniques, a time and space for the practice of those strategies and techniques, and evaluation purposes and methods… In other words, talk about pedagogy is simultaneously talk about the details of what students and others might do together and the cultural politics such practices support. (371)

According to Simon’s definition, pedagogy is concerned with the fact that practice and processes should be taken into account on how knowledge is produced. Thus, both theory and practice become key factors in interplay with pedagogy encompassing the two factors. That being said, schools nowadays adopt different teaching
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