The Importance Of Peer Assessment

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This section will provide an overview of the relevant literature related to the topic. The purpose of this section is to explore the background of the topic chosen, look through the work already known about peer assessment and give a summary of existing literature. In general, assessment has two main purposes: a certification purpose and a learning purpose. The former is also known as summative while the latter one as formative assessment. (Liu & Carless, 2006). In the past the first one dominant because assessment was seen as a tool of measuring the level of knowledge, while in the present time the concept of assessment is wider, and it is on all stages of the learning process and sometimes even beyond it. It has happened to our country due to the changes in the education system, i.e. making an emphasis on student-centered learning avoiding teacher-centered way of teaching. With introduction of criteria-based assessment in our education system the term assessment will gain a new format, teachers will come across with terms as self-assessment and peer assessment. The term ‘assessment’ is associated with grading, marking, ranking or measuring. That is why peer assessment is also acquired as the process when students assess each other’s work by giving marks. However, it is not only the case when a teacher allows students to mark each other. “A reliable assessment depends on knowing what one is trying to assess and by what means one comes to an accurate

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