Penicillin Benefits

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Penicillin was a groundbreaking discovery and saved many lives, and also helped with future medical discoveries. In 1928, a scientist named Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin. It was used a great deal as an antibiotic in World War II, it saved countless lives and improved medical work in the early 20th century. Penicillin is any group of chemically similar substances obtained from molds of the genus Penicillium, a drug used to fight bacteria and infections. (J. D. Hamblin, 2005). This drug was first produced in the United Kingdom when Alexander Fleming left out a petri dish with bacteria inside while on vacation, when he came back there was a fungus growing over the surface, which was the antibiotic Penicillin. Penicillin was not meant…show more content…
It can cause over 22 affects in some patients, such as seizures, fever, nausea, and in some serious cases kidney failure (J. D. Hamblin, 2005). Penicillin is still used today, however over the years some bacteria’s have become immune to the drug, causing it not to do its job in killing or at least dimming down the bacterial infections. At first Penicillin was not usable because it was not purified, but once Fleming found that it killed the bacteria, he gathered some colleagues and worked and worked until they had created usable Penicillin. Although Penicillin was discovered, the first successful treatment with Penicillin did not happen until 1942, 14 years later from when it was actually discovered. Fleming did not plan on revolutionizing medicine, but he did and it made one of the biggest impacts in medicine. Antibiotic, a chemical substance produced by micro-organisms which has the capacity, in dilute solution, to inhibit the growth of or destroy other micro-organisms (A. Porteous, 2008). Antibiotics are used to treat and control infectious diseases in the human body, animals, and even…show more content…
Considering the amount of medicines that are related to Penicillin, which is a lot of medicines, the disease rate will possibly rise if we do not find a way to fix these issues in medicine. The real first antibiotic was actually Penicillin, discovered in 1928, it was a breakthrough for antibiotics and a great deal have been discovered since then. There is well over 100 antibiotics and most of them root from Penicillin, and amoxicillin is probably the most common (A. Porteous, 2008). Antibiotics flow through your bloodstream, immune system, and alter your DNA to help fight off the deadly bacteria’s in your body. The bacteria also plays a huge part in this process too, it’s not just the antibiotics. Bacteria is a microscopic prokaryotic organism(s), bacteria can adapt to most medicines and conditions rather quickly, but Penicillin was different, it was like fighting bacteria with bacteria. 2 million years ago bacteria were the only form of life on earth, now that we’re here they need a place to live, which is in our bodies and other various
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