Perceived Quality: The Components Of Howard's Model

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How a consumer perceives the quality of a brand is a crucial factor that affects the brand choice. Product quality frames the products’ ability to carry out its functions. According to the attention on the purpose of any service of product and with compared to the products of other competitors in the market, Perceived quality is perception of the customers of general superiority of one product. (keller, 2008). Perceived quality can be defined as the customer perception of general quality or superiority of one product or service in the light of its expected goal case in comparison to other alternatives. Supposed quality is a common and immaterial feeling of the customers on the brand. As well as this perceived quality is highly depending on key dimensions that contains in the specification of product.( brand, performance and reliability). The identification and…show more content…
Actually, the first three components of brand association in Keller’s model can be operationalized as the attitude component of Howard’s model, which uses the
‘benefit-importance-performance’ measurement approach (Howard, 1994).
This is the main one of the main aspects of this research. The brand image is one of the main functions that organizations are using to get the competitive advantage among the rivals. Because of that they always trying to build a strong Brand Image and trying protecting the good brand image that they have and maintain it properly. The brand image always directly impact on the bottom line of an organization.

According to Vineath (2007), image of a brand can be identified as an exclusive set of connections in the mid sets of customers of a product. Customer considers what a brand stances for and the oblique assurances the brand has created on the product. It is assume of all tangible and intangible traits, it represents all internal and external characteristics and it’s anything that influences how a brand or a company is perceived by its target

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