The Importance Of Perceived Value In Marketing

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1Faithful customer is an important factor for success in any organization. They send money and also recommend to third parties to buy something from the same company, as long as the company provides a reasonable value for their products. Creating and providing, delivering value is not an easy task and customer always seek for a reasonable value for a product. The worth of product is an important factor for creating a value for any product. The value of any product has long term impact on the customer behavior and marketing and there is not any specific definition and criteria to set a value.
Perceived value and its importance to consumers

2The creation of a right value (perceived Value) is very essential for customers because It affects product quality, brand name, price and customer service as well . These signs lead to the customers because in most of the cases product prizes are going to affect the value of the product .Customer service is also important thing which will be affecting the customers.( Dodds, Bill, 2003, 5).Perceive value also effects the durable of customer goods and brand level. These criteria affect the customer behavior and attitude of purchase as well it also affects the affects the quality of performance and reliability and validity of any product which may have direct impact to the customer. (Jillian C Sweeney, 2001). 3Increasing perceive value may affect the product quality which can have very good effects on the customer . For

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