The Importance Of Perception In Education

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Perception means the action of perceiving. Perception is “awareness of something which related to previous knowledge”. Through the perception process produce the meaningful experiences of the world which basis of the reality and attitude. Information collected through organsenses, which help to preserve the natural environment and artificial things and action have been done according to this that helpful to discover new things and phenomena.
Pakistan is the developing country of the world and education level is not much higher as compared to other countries. Therefore moststudents prefer business and science subjects for professional degrees.
Students are the most imperative element of education. But every student has different background. Students adopt profession according to their own perception, abilities, and interest (Acikgoz 2003).
Geography is the subject that provides all necessary information that interacts with the globalisation, environment from politics to economics and everything in between (McDougal 2003). But the attitude of the students toward geography is not good and consider as least important also take crucial subjects in the term ofthe future (German 1988). Students have not appropriate knowledge respecting social standard. People have lack of knowledge regarding geography.Institutes don’t guide the studentsin choosing the subjects and parents not motivate for geography subject. Geography is the nuclear subject and complex interaction between
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