The Importance Of Perception In The Service Sector

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ASSIGNMENT 1 1) What is perception? Explain its importance in the service sector. • Perception is the study of process identification through which we interpret and establish physical information to produce our conscious experience of object and object relation. • Perception is about noticing the feeling in the surrounding for exploiting on that information. • It creates experience of all the things around us and also allows us to act within our environment. • The information is collected and learned by seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting and visualizing the information. • Perception is one of the aspects of intelligent structures studied as the nature of a person such as why do one suspect illusion, how our sensory system reacts, how do perpetual states acquire human behavior etc. Perception contains the following aspect such as: Exposure- In this aspect a person actually imagines a photo, sights, the sounds in the surroundings, noise, sensation and physical feeling of the body fragrance, taste influence perception to exposure of the environment. Attention- Interests for learning new things which a person likes the most makes him/her attentive as it becomes a form of relaxation to see or do that particular thing. Mental Application- Rational person analyses objects or things and looks at parts in the logical application to a process. Importance of perception in service sector: • I have chosen banking sector to note down the importance of perception in
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