Argumentative Essay On Appearance Vs Reality

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Have you ever looked at an image that has more than one figure in it? This is called an optical illusion. An example is the rabbit-duck illusion, where if you looked at the illusion from a different perspective than before, you may see the second image, a rabbit or duck. The first image you see is what our eyes perceived, and once you see both images, it is the reality of the illusion; there are two images, not just one. As you can tell from what our eyes see, perception is different from reality. In my opinion, I don’t think perception is reality because perception is what we see, and reality is what actually happens. Perception is also usually a trick or an illusion, while reality is not. In magic, perception is what the magician wants you…show more content…
However, in the magician’s point of view, the trick is relatively easy to pull off, you just have to do the trick when the audience least expects it. In the article, “Magic and the Brain,” by Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. Macknik, magician John Thompson, otherwise known as the Great Tomsoni, does an amazing magic trick where he turns his assistant’s dress from white to red in an instant. In the beginning, Thompson uses a clever trick to fool his audience. While the audience was paying very close attention to his trick, Thompson changes the background colors to red and doesn’t actually change the dress color. The audience laughs at his silliness and relaxes their attention. During this short period of time, Thompson quickly dims the lights and lets the assistant slip off her white dress, which is only attached briefly to her skin and reveals the red dress that is underneath. The white dress slips through a trap door in the ground, and the lights come up again. The audience wows as they have just witnessed “magic.” The dress did indeed change color, but it wasn’t because of magic or sorcery. When the white dress was slid off the assistant, the red dress was visible, it had been underneath the white dress all
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