Personal Narrative: Life Is Not Perfect

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Life is not perfect. Your decisions and your actions show who you are. I came to the United States when I was 3. It was hard adjusting to the fast life but eventually I got used to it. I really liked school had very few friends and some friendly teachers but when I got home I used get homework and never liked doing it, had complaints from teachers, a lot of parent-teacher meetings, many arguments with my parents and I still couldn 't correct it. I also had no patience and self-control. So ultimately one day my parents were fed up and wanted to teach me a "life lesson". You need to experience the outside vibe in order to learn your mistakes and the more life you experience the more lessons you accumulate. So when I was 7, I went to boarding…show more content…
Whenever she came into my room to check if we were studying I used to think she came to shout. On top of being scared I made one friend he was 1 year older to me but treated me like his brother. He helped me with homework, taught me easy ways to remember the content and he introduced me to all his friends and from there I became less shy, more playful and open about my opinions. I wasn 't scared of my teachers or dorm parent because I knew if I was doing my activities correctly they wouldn 't be angry. After I met him I really appreciated life in a different way. When you need a friend, you realize just what kind of importance it holds so from then onwards I tried to have as many friends I could. It 's important to build relations when you 're young. It provides someone to talk to, hang out regularly, share laughter, advice, and much more. I used my friends as my resources to help me guide in the right direction. When I created more friends it helped me reduce the homesick and made me feel like home. Although my parents didn 't plan to send me but they knew it was the best option to correct my behavior. It 's easier to correct the bad when you 're young than being
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