Perfection: The Importance Of Productivity In Life

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After all the personal development programs I've taken and books I've read, I've come to realize that productivity in life is about progress, not perfection. In order to make progress, mistakes need to be made and losses need to be experienced. There's no way around it. I wish I would have known this when I was young and let one failure - in almost any area of my life - take me back to the drawing board and lose all productivity. I was striving for perfection, and I didn't realize those losses were helping me progress. Perfection Doesn't Win As a blogger, it's been obvious to me that perfection is not the key to success. I can't count the number of blogs that are doing very well without perfection. Sure, some bloggers do well with quality…show more content…
Her productivity is through the roof, and she's rewarded for it. What Is Progress? Progress is moving towards a destination. Taking the Lifebook program, I came to the conclusion that progress in my life is about examining my life deeply and then working on improving it. It's about developing a vision for who I want to be and what I want to experience, and then making goals to help me get there. And it's about taking action on those goals. Every step I take in accordance with that vision, helps me progress in some way. Along the way there are failures and losses, but those failures and losses also help me progress. They always teach me something, make me stronger, or give me new determination to make things better. They never go to waste when it comes to progressing in life. Personalities and businesses that focus on progress can outlast people who focus on perfection. People and businesses that are willing to do what needs to be done and change and adapt as they grow have much more success than people who want to do one thing and do it
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