The Role Of Perfectionism In Advertising

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People have looked at perfectionism many different ways in the past. Whether positive or negative, perfectionism can affect a person mentally, physically or emotionally. Someone may see pictures of a “perfect” person and feel less than that person because of the differences. To see something as perfect, the object, human, or place must have no flaws, completely flawless. However, perfectionism is about how people accept their flaws. Perfectionism can mean different things to different people. For some, it can mean they must separate their M&M’s into colors before they can eat them, and for others it can mean they need their movies in alphabetical order. Perfectionism means someone feels required to look or feel perfect (Guignard, 2012, paragraph 1). The problem with wanting all of this, means a change in attitude when they find perfection unreachable or…show more content…
They want to achieve inner and outer perfection. When advertisers make their advertisements, they often create perfect looks by changing the images they have (Smith, 2013). Advertisements show altered pictures of people, making them look flawless. People can sometimes feel lesser while looking through a magazine or at pictures of models. Antonia Smith, a student at Hampton University, states, “Perfection as a concept cannot exist” (Smith, 2013 paragraph 4). Everyone wants to reach the idea of perfectionism, but perfect means without flaws. No person has no flaws. Perfectionism often has something to do with accomplishment or finishing a task and doing it well. Guignard concludes, “Perfectionism is a personality facet that can be useful for the expression of talent with high levels of accomplishment” (Guignard, 2012, Paragraph 2). To people with perfectionism, they expect to accomplish what they try. They want to accomplish in a way that it all turns out near to or perfect. The idea of anything less bothers them as
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