Summary: The Importance Of Employee Feedback

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Even though it is a fact that the way em-ployees perform is a base to grade their de-velopment and also used to give specific feedback, many employers frequently think that its only possible to couple the assess-ment process to a monthly bonus or that it has to have motivational consequence’s.
Many articles and authors write about the fact that employers often find it easier and reliable to give feedback when it is linked to a specific reward scheme or has rewardable outcomes in general.

“In general employee performance has many meanings. But in this article it means to take responsibilities regarding your job.” “Usually employers have a once in a year assessment period so that they can give structural feedback on specific competences to
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For example, the employees need to have the same motivation that makes the head of the company stands up every morn-ing to go to work.
Another fact is every employee expects a rational compensation for his/her delivered work. But in order to be able to really make progress in a business where employees evaluate their own performance and take action and risks like they own the company, the throughput and the business its perfor-mance need to be as a guideline for the em-ployees.
Their throughput and total performance ought to be in relation to a bonus system. In order to perform with an effective bonus system that has as main focus the employees, there are five phases the company has to go true:
1. Start with a financial plan
2. Use the plan to create a pricing structure
3. Price the labor subsequent to the price structure
4. Wage
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Work to accomplish the sale goals as fast as thinkable

Employee performance management One of the methods to maintain Perfor-mance Management under employees is to make it a team effort. This effort should be fundamental for what is needed to be reali-zed at the strategic level of the company. The key lies in how to bring the organizatio-nal goals in line with the procedures that the employees have agreed on, their expectati-ons, know-how necessities and the deve-lopment plans. All these should result in a domino-effect.

Employee Performance Management is a method for creating a collective staff under-standing about what is to be accomplished at an organization level. The situation is about bringing the organizational objectives into line with the employee's' agreed procedures, expertise, know-how necessities, develop-ment plans and the delivery of a domino effect. Perfection, learning and development should be accentuated in this process in or-der to reach the main goals of the organiza-tion. This is also a fundament for a staff that operates with a high performance

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