The Importance Of Personal Development

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Time is precious, I have wasted most of my time on useless hobbies. Currently, I am now studying for my diploma in college. Sooner or later, I will have to get into the working society. However, I still do not have the necessary life skills needed to survive there. Since I am still studying, there is still time for me to do my personal development training. First of all, majority of people are unable to reach their goals comes down to one factor which is the lack of motivation. I am also in the majority, I always lack motivation in doing a lot of things. However, now it is the time to change. I would need to get a boost of confidence as confidence helps in building motivation. I would have to be open minded first. Being open minded means that we have to change and replace our way of thought. I will not always feel the need to be right, then my mind will be clear and I can see my flaws. I would then improve on my flaws. Self esteem will increase when I see myself improve.(Chuck G, 2009). Personal development is dependent on the brain, so I must start with training my mind. These can be substitute with playing brain challenging games, reading books or accepting advice. However, the most effective method is to gain experience. I should look beyond my comfort zone, experiment with the new ideas gain from being open minded. Furthermore, I should be optimistic at all times. Optimism and open mindedness are traits that works well together. We must always have a mindset that we

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