The Importance Of Personal Information

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Online communication becomes common after the introduction of internet, computers, tablets, and phones. People find it easy to exchange information electronically through email, text, fax, internet, and websites. Online communication is quick, convenient, and cheap. People share pictures ,messages, medical information, do online shopping, and apply for jobs across the internet without any other alternatives. These days exchanging information using paper is replaced by electronic formate. Almost all companies now accept job applications, medical information, school information, and different kinds of information about us using internet. Some of the information we exchange through internet contains sensitive information about us. Some of the these information contains personal information like, date of birth, social security number, and our home address. Most people try to keep their personal information to be secured, but once we sent our personal information we don’t have control over. Keeping the information secured would be beyond our control. The person or the company that has our personal information use our information for its intended purpose, but not always. Some companies share our personal information to different organizations or people steal our information from companies without our knowledge. Personal information that is stored on electronic format in different companies server, create a sensitive issue of privacy. Companies or organizations once they have our
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