The Importance Of Personal Information Privacy

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There are growing amount of online users using the online services especially e-commerce, as the Internet has allowed consumers to purchase products and services in a more convenient way. This causes the increase of personal information vulnerabilities since the Internet is borderless and has no regulated restrictions. Hence, consumers are concern about the disclosure of their personal data to websites they frequently visited. Therefore, privacy policy is a way to retain consumers’ trust by explaining the kind of data that the website wants to collect and how it utilizes them. Unfortunately, the important privacy notice is usually neglected by consumers due to its length and difficulty to understand. Hence, this study aims to investigate the effect of consumers’ behavioural intention on simplicity and preference control in privacy policy.

There are three billion internet users around the world. It is estimated around 40 percent of worldwide internet users uses online services to purchase products online – this has subjected to a total of 1 billion online buyers, and it is expected to grow continuously in coming years . However, many of the users have issues in trusting these services because they are afraid of their personal data being disclosed. Which then causes only 10%
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It is usually related to personal data being stored on computer systems. Personal information vulnerabilities increases with the advancement of digital age. Hence, information privacy is a crucial aspect during information sharing . Users are seeing privacy as their major concern during online activities because Internet is borderless and has no regulated restrictions. They, as consumers, are afraid of increased databases, volume of collected personal information, the possibility of privacy violations, loss of control during process of collecting, accessing, and how the information is being used (Wu et al.,

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