The Importance Of Personal Knowledge

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The relativity theory amongst many others has neglected the fact of the ‘absolute truth’ that exists in an objective way independent of what anyone happens to believe is true . In other words, as the truth is different to each individual due to what we believe as persons. There have also been many arguments on the nature of a person’s belief. As individuals, we have always been taught differently depending on our cultures, principles and overall backgrounds, which I would define as our personal knowledge. Nevertheless, I believe that external beliefs yet in some way influence many of us providing knowledge to our personal perspectives, which would be shared knowledge. Personal knowledge refers to the possession of knowledge by an individual . Whilst shared knowledge is the knowledge that belongs to a group . In this essay the main knowledge issue I will be investigating is: To what extent is our perception of the past defined by shared knowledge? In my opinion, shared knowledge is a main contributor to our personal knowledge, and our perception towards the past will always be influenced by different judgments. The two areas of knowledge explored are history, defined as the study of the past and ethics, the study of how to live our lives morally . Even though a lot of our personal knowledge is shaped by our own experiences, many factors including language can influence our way of thinking. The revisionist American historian Harry Elmer Barnes has become a key historian for

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