Essay On Strong And Weak Personal Qualities

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1. Know yourself and seek self-improvement.

Make an honest evaluation of yourself to determine your strong and weak personal qualities. You will have to seek the honest opinions of your friends or superiors to show you how to improve your leadership ability. Learn by studying the causes of success or failure of other leaders. Develop a genuine interest in people and have specific goals and definite plans to grow. Have a systematic personal reading program that emphasizes not only professional subjects but also includes topics to help you understand people, both as individuals and as they function within groups.
Members of my team made an honest evaluation of themselves to determine strong and weak personal qualities. We dedicated ourselves to overcoming the weak traits and further strengthened those areas in which we were strong. We sought the honest opinions of our friends or superiors to show us how to improve and studied the causes for the success or failure in other leaders, like Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, and Napoleon Bonaparte. We developed a genuine interest in people and acquired an understanding of human nature. We mastered the art of effective writing and speaking. We had
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Early on, they formed a pattern of seeking to learn more than was necessary. I was not only impressed, but well pleased. They observed and studied the actions of capable leaders within the organization and engaged in meaningful conversation on what was learned. We spent time with those leaders who were recognized as technically and administratively proficient and learned as much as we could from them. We sought feedback from technically and administratively competent leaders concerning our own performance, and we were willing to change. Good leadership is best acquired through practice; therefore, each of us dedicated ourselves to preparing for the job at the next-highest
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