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Taking Action Subsequently to finishing my CD, my perception is that my goal was achieved both successfully and with good level of excellence because now I can share relaxing music with people that have the same needs as I do. I believe that is very important to help people with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) to be able to relax whenever they need to study. As my product accommodates all the specifications in it, it means that it matches my criteria. My Global Context, “Personal and Cultural Expression”, is powerfully reflected in my piano CD since it’s objective is to help people with difficulties in concentrating, as me, to study with seven classical music. I had to use my critical thinking when analyzing…show more content…
I listened actively to his ideas and suggestions and took them into consideration. Reflecting I can say my piano CD has a high level of excellence in response to the criteria I created. This is because it meets all the specifications set for it. I think my product deserves a 7 as the assessment grade, according to the specifications: Specifications I created specifications for my CD: i. Make it highly appropriate for my defined audience ii. Create a product that answers to my global context iii. Create a relaxing cover iv. Film and record myself playing the first two songs of my project v. Record my teacher playing the other five songs vi. Edit the seven songs and extract them into the CD vii. Put the name of each song viii. Make a video as an evidence that was me playing the two first songs and edit Achievement level Level descriptor 0 I do not reach a standard described by any of the description … … 5-6 I am able to: 7-8 I think my product deserves a 7 as the grade, according to the specifications: • Be appropriate for my defined audience- the content of my CD (the songs) and the…show more content…
Determination, self-motivation and resilience helped me immensely throughout the Personal Project journey. Additionally, I was also reflective during the whole process. I was constantly evaluating my process journal and report to see if I reached the good standards I wanted. I discovered new strengths and weaknesses about my methods of working that allowed me to work more competently. Additionally, my research skills were greatly developed during the Personal Project- I demonstrated information and media knowledge. I had to locate sources, evaluate them and interpret their data, as well as be able to reference everything according to MLA seventh edition. I had to interact with different types of media (websites, books and interviews) to get the information I needed. I believe, because of my new acquisition and development of skills, I was able to represent all the 10 attributes of the IB Learner Profile, however, the attributes that had more influence in the way I completed my project were definitely the knowledgeable, reflective, communicator, balanced, inquirer and thinker- due to the skills I developed throughout the

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