The Importance Of Personality In Careers

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personal character strengths in careers, experience more enjoyment, flow and meaning of work. This would imply that understanding what roles a person are best suited to base on his/her personality is what will make him/her the most happy at work (Chariton, 2012). Olamide and Olawaiye (2013) in their research work discovered that personality is significant factor in choosing a career. Students believed that personality affects their career choice the most. A student’s personality must be self - motivated type, as to investigate career possibilities from early on in their lives, and not the procrastinating type that waits till they are compelled to decide. Students must take seriously the role grades play in limiting opportunities in the future. It is important for them to have a good understanding of their personality, if they are to make intelligent career plans. Family/Relatives There are different factors that affect students’ choice of course in college. One of this is family related factors. Many Filipinos do take upon the parents’ or relatives’ suggestion on what they should specialize when they grow up. Sometimes they suggest careers that wouldn’t cost that much, and at the same time, are stable sources of income (Japitan,, 2014). A study conducted by Saysay (as cited in Pascual, 2014) revealed that Filipino immigrants and non-immigrants rely heavily on their family’s decision-making. Students cope by following their parents’ advice. They also

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