The Importance Of Personality In Human Resource Management

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Today business organizations are facing multiple challenges in the rapidly changing business environments not only in increasing productivity but also maintaining and managing with different dispositional characteristics of human resources in recruitment, selection, training and development and retaining the skilled employees. In order to sustain, effective and efficient HR policies are essential for an organization and to surmount the challenges, to manage these organizations discovering of new avenues of executing effective and efficient HR policies.
In this regards, new dimensions of organizational behavior such as understanding the personality factors, emotional intelligence of the employees, employee commitment and employee satisfaction have gained rapid prominence on the strategic roadmap of the organization. It is well known that personality plays an important role in determining not
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Since, the years to go individuals, situations, activities and their important role are identified and developed in identifying an individual’s personality. Several researchers have done studies on dispositions in analysing individual personality traits, these lead to look forward in certain kinds of attitudes and job related behaviour. Michele (1977) has described about individual behaviour and situations have been studies on dispositions. Studies on dispositions helped for the emergence of Big Five Personality traits models which was developed by Goldberg (1990). Big Five Personality traits model has divided the Personality into five broad traits, these are more useful in identifying different kinds of job related attitudes and behaviours. Hence, the researcher considers studying of the relationship effect of two mediating variables namely, Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Commitment, between Personality and Job

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