The Importance Of Personality In Life

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I shall say my black and white personality, I humbly proclaim, was put to a test in the beginning of this school year. But I cannot blame the Creator for giving me an oddball personality that the majority of my schoolmates population are not gifted with. I am audacious, but I hold vehement resent towards irrational risk-taker or people that, with personal feelings involved, come up with quixotic solutions that disrespect the formality.

However, there is a huge gap between knowing just something and putting it into practice. Just as much as it is the difference between seeing Kyrie Irving pulling off a crossover, and when I do it - I end up demoralized in front of the crowd as my pants ripped off and the ball flew all the way to China. Call
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I began to realize no man is an island, however this realization came too late. There is no one waiting for me to carry the rest of the 999 miles. Then the following night, in restless dreams I walked alone, I saw a vision softly creeping that left is seed in the vast grey field. In this erratic dream, the seed queerly grew and sprouted in the semblance of a classmate — a special classmate that I have never talked to, but somehow empathized with each other’s ‘outcast’ personality in class. Throughout the dream, I had been receiving a power of something revolutionary about to come. Thinking the dream I just had was the devil’s way of making me to seek mental asylum, I dismissed such thinking. The next bleak day to school, God violated free will when the classmate with his unusual authoritative tone confronted me and said, “Man up, you pussy cat. You do know you are our class’ last hope, right? Don’t let the world change who you are. Keep on going and taste the stars; keep on going and raise the bars.” However ironic it is my friend who told me to man up is dead silent about the unsound…show more content…
The latter three qualities which I now live by stepping out of the comfort zone, while keeping my black-and-white personality. I no longer eat alone — if the imaginary friend was considered a human entity— for lunch, but with actual friends in parallel space. This time, the leap of faith I was inspired by my friend made me become an astronaut to explore the other side of the moon as the world would put it; the side I had been all this time feeling too overwhelmed and afraid to embrace. The denial of a greater self I am entitled to have, and the very lies of the Serpent which made me believe it was my personality issue that opened the Pandora’s box to many emotional wreckage and unparalleled measure of neuroticism. If it is not for this chap, I may have waited until the winter of my life and still fail to enter the unknown territory to find out my true
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