The Importance Of Personality In The Workplace

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Being a leader in my workplace, I need to understand personality as a concept and as a part of the work environment. There are many factors that define people behaviors. However, measure personality is not simple at all. Even, when there are many personality tests, leaders need to understand the differences personality measures. To become a leader in my workplace, I need to know how to control my emotions and how to emphasize with my coworkers. Personality could be defined in many difference way. Is important to know that even when there are different concepts about it, there are similarities in these. Most scientist define personality as the different ways of reaction that an individual has. Using adjectives is the easiest way that different types of personalities can be defined (Robbins & Judge 2017). However, they are a lot of adjectives to describe people, hence the communication is an important way where a person transmits his or her personality to other. Even when you can define the personality of an employee over the 624 distinct personalities does not mean that they are going to work good together. Aeron and Pathak (2017) found that they are type of personalities that are good working together while other type has conflict between them. In the workplace managers should create their teams based on the different kind of personalities that could interrelate the world for a better performance. There are different factors that determine personality. The most important
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