The Importance Of Personality On Personal Development

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Personality refers to individual variations in characteristic patterns consists of physical characteristics which can be observed easily. Physical characteristics include appearance, mannerisms, voice, speech, the ability of brains, skills activities. Unlike mental characteristics, which is difficult to be observed, including emotions, attitudes, values, interests, aspirations, ideals, goals and the ability to adapt to the environment. Such characteristics are derived from an individual’s genetics and environment. Therefore, the characteristics are the ability to adapt to the environment and the differences between individuals. Personality is an important part of human beings in order to help promote or impede success in various fields, eg. Education, career and social skills. Although knowledge and skills are important for working. But on the other hand, personality is significant for getting accepted into the working society, therefore personality is an important factor that affects associated with success. Parenting relays the characteristics and standards of the society to the children by reinforcing and learning by imitation. In facts, the children are more likely to imitate the behaviors of their parents instead of following their parents’ teachings. Therefore, parents have significant effects on the personality development of the children. In addition, if the children are not provided appropriate parenting styles, as a result the children are
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