The Importance Of A Dog In My Life

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I remember when I was a little girl I loved to play with the dogs and the puppies. How they would run and chase after me and when lick my they had caught me. The way they stumbled behind me when I rolled down a hill. I remember the pure love I had with a pet that is said to be man’s best friend. Growing up for most of my life I usually always had a dog in my life. One that I took care of to a point. I also you to always get told that dogs have been a part of my family for a long time. Well when I say that I mean we don’t only own them as pets. You see my family are breeders. We also participate in search and rescue and dog shows. Such as obedience, agility and breed my family has gone to great lengths to participate in these activates. I remember when I first started to participate in these actives. I was four years old and my grandma had me help her take care of all the puppies. The bonds I carried with each and every puppy were always o special to me. I never wanted to let them go. But it also made me want to make sure I found the best home they could ever have though.…show more content…
Sometimes those dog fights get out hand and it becomes so when it came to the shows at that time I got pulled out of school sometimes so I could go. But the traveling I like seeing all the different places. The bond I gained with my dogs. I loved the feeling I got when it came time for me to impress the judge. It made me feel like my dog and I where special like somehow I knew that there was something we had that no one else did. I started to watch my grandma more when he was in the ring so I could find new ways to better myself. I also took on junior handling classes. Junior handling classes were classes that you take in the breed dog shows. The basics of the class is to teach you what expected of you when you’re in the ring like how to impress the judge. But it teaches you more than just that trust

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