The Importance Of Pets

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“Animals in our environment are like parts of our body. If we eliminate them, we destroy part of ourselves. People must remain in contact with and relate to the environment throughout their lifetime to remain healthy. A strong people-animal bond is critical to a healthy community” (Bustad, 1981).

Pets have always been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. Be it for security, for the love of animals, or simply as a way of living, we have always enjoyed the company of a pet. Pets have not only helped us at our difficult times, but they have helped millions of our forefathers (Cusack & Smith, 1984). Pets are not human. However, they possess a lot of human like qualities, which include emotions, preferences, etc. By definition, pets are merely domesticated animals, but for those who own pets, they are a part of the family. George Eliot quoted in one of his novels, “Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms” (Eliot, 2004). Several studies have shown that pets bring a lot of positivity in our lives. They make us laugh, they give us unconditional love, but most of all, they give us happiness. A lot of people, especially the geriatric population, face a lot of atrocities during that age because of health, retired work life, joblessness, etc. At times like these, pets have proven to show them a new way of living; a new dimension to living happily (Stanley, Conwell, Bowen, & Van Orden, 2014).
This paper focuses on the geriatric

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