The Importance Of Petting A Dog

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One reason for having pets, is to have a companion. In life, people have many different personalities that more often than not, do not compliment each other. People are diverse in many ways such as race, culture, hobbies, physical and mental abilities, personality, looks, and much more. Not all people will get along, but dogs are different. They only see the good in their companion. They will always love their owner, who they have built a special bond with… Dogs love to exercise. That is a fact. This is why owners throw the ball for their dogs or chase them around the yard. It is enjoyable for both the dog and the owner. When a dog hears the magic word “WALK”, they go berzerk. Dogs raise the fun meter when going on walks or runs. Walking or running can get boring or repetitive very quick, but with a canine companion, the owner forgets about exercising and focuses on what the dog is doing whether that is watching them trot along or pulling them away from sniffing other dog’s boom booms. All in all owning a dog is a great way to stay active and improve one’s health. For those people who are unfortunate enough to suffer from depression, research shows that the mere presence of a dog can lower blood pressure and stress levels in an individual.
Even petting a dog can lower the hormone known as Cortisol or the “Stress” hormone. The biggest thing dogs do to help depressed people is distract. Depression is like being stuck in a box in one’s mind with all their thoughts, but when a

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