The Importance Of Philippine Culture

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As cliché as it might sound, culture is a way of life. It covers almost everything a society does, believes, and follows. The type of tools, materials, food, religion, behavior, ideas, etc., all are a part of a society’s culture. The vastness of culture is what makes it very dynamic and ever evolving especially when it meets other culture. As mentioned above, it is how society works and how society works comes with different aspects and definitions. Essentially, it describes how humans work and function to keep a civil, efficient, and stable society. There are a lot of cultural features with some being language, art, government, religion, and many more. All of these fields combine and establish the identity of a certain culture.
One prominent feature of a culture is its own unique norms. These norms are the traditional standards and behavior that is expected in a certain culture. These include the different folkways, mores, and laws that are present and implemented in the society. They can range from simple unwritten rules like that of the need to say “po” or “opo” whenever you speak to an elderly in the Filipino culture, a rule which certainly does not apply to other societal groups. It can also be rules such as the one in the Amish culture wherein the Amish, when they turn a certain age, can decide to stay in their community and remain there or explore the outside world and be disowned from their society. These norms are essential to the perceived and actual behavior of
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