Philosophical Analysis: Improving Critical Thinking Skills

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1. Philosophical analysis is an essential tool for the improvement of our critical thinking skills. The world have introduced to us different ideas about life, death and the existence of God, and thinking about these concepts could sometimes be really confusing. The only effective way to analyze these kinds of concepts is through critical thinking, breaking down the broad and big questions into smaller and more specific questions to understand them better. Having a critical mind makes one wiser and more tact about what he or she states. Through philosophical analysis, our critical thinking skills are improved because it teaches us to consider certain things first, before finally coming up to a decision or before we continue to converse with…show more content…
This is when philosophical analysis really matters. Language game is an important key in philosophy. It is something that is often mentioned in philosophy so that the people will remember and apply what they learn about it. Being able to identify if you are in the same language game with the person you are conversing with is already one-step to becoming a critical thinker. Philosophical analysis teaches people to decide whether a certain statement is valid or not. This is something people should learn because through this process, we can deduce the truth out of all the statements, which then lead to people being critical thinkers. It does not necessarily mean that we should get a pen and paper and do the truth table to find out if a statement is valid or not. However, having to practice this truth table method, there can come a time that we can find the validity of the statement just by critically thinking about…show more content…
Conversations are better because there is no need to explain what you mean by this word or what this statement mean because you are in the same field of interpretation. If ever people started an argument having not the same language game, philosophical analysis teaches us how to be with the same language game with the person you are talking to. There might be the need to ask what he means by what he says, but it is indeed an important process to understand better your colleague, to have a clearer point of conversation or argument, and to have same interpretations of concepts. When people in a conversation agree on their interpretations, they have passed through or avoided having a verbal
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