Power Of Photography Essay

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Photography has been essential for society for years on end.Kathleen is an entrepreneur who runs her own photography studio. Seeing this you know that she does have experience as a photographer. “Once the digital camera was created, photography as an art form changed dramatically. Instead of having a limited number of chances to get the perfect shot, photographers could just fire away, hoping for the best. "Without being demeaning, it has given a huge amount of power to not very good photographers," says documentary photographer Paul Margolis.”Basically photography has become this thing that happens endlessly. Before when all there was , was film photography, you had to make sure you got the right picture, or else you would be wasting the film you had. Yes…show more content…
Photography has been something to inform people of things happening but is set apart from things such as a documentary or an article online. It is art.Serena Covkin is a Phd. student at the University of Chicago, she graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in History. She wrote this article to show the impact photography is making especially during the Civil War.“At the same time, though, perhaps even more than ordinary Americans, photographers grasped the historical significance of the conflict and the acute need to document it for the future. As critic Susan Sontag wrote in On Photography, “Photographs furnish instant history, instant sociology, instant participation.”In this article Covkin talks on how photographers are the ones who truly grasped the fact of capturing true news. She takes it back to when the civil war was and how photography used its art medium to show citizens what America was going through. This was published by CBS news. A reliable news source.“This was something new -- the first time Americans would see images of war, as it really looked .
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