The Importance Of Physical Education In Modern Society

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INTRODUCTION Today we all know the necessity of physical activity. Physical education and sports has a very prominent role in modern society to be physically active. It is important to an individual, a group, a nation – Indeed the world to involve in physical activities, and stay healthy. Like every education, physical education too bears an ancient history. It´s sources exhibits nature of man prevailing economic, industrial, religious and cultural conditions of all the people. Its purposes illustrate the dominant ideas of the contemporary time and the place. Some of the sources of physical education are very old. The ancient culture of India, Egypt, Babylonia, Assyria, Persia, Greece, Carthage and Rome also give evidence of use of physical education to alert youth in work like activities. There are many instances where physical education indicates its importance and influence the history of many nations. Greek physical education, however, in its training of the young especially in its great athletic festival in Olympia, Corinth, Delphi, and Argolis has been a great source of inspiration and practical method. Many Civilized and advanced societies have always realized the need for the physical education of its members, except during the middle age in Europe when asceticism in the early Christian church set a premium on physical weakness in the vain hope that this was the path to spiritual excellence. With the scattering of the Graeco – Roman society, its physique has been

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