The Importance Of Physical Education In Schools

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The article chosen was written by Richard Bailey and stresses on the importance of physical education in schools. He believes that physical educations are able to develop respect and integrated development of mind and body. Furthermore, physical education develops understanding of the role of aerobic and anaerobic physical activity in health. He also highlights the benefits and development that the students gain from physical education in five domains such as physical, lifestyle, affective, social and cognitive. First, Richard discussed the physical development in physical education. He mentioned some of disease that affecting children physical health such as obesity, diabetes, blood pressures and bone health cause by ignorant of health. Children are more sedentary than ever and childhood obesity has become a major problem nowadays. The physical activity focuses on the important role that physical activity, sport and recreation need to play in the lives of all students and teenagers by providing opportunities for challenge, personal growth, enjoyment and fitness. It promotes involvement in a manner that reflects awareness that everyone has the right to participate in a healthy and active lifestyle. It develops students’ confidence in using movement skills and strategies to increase their motivation to become active as well as improve their performance and maintain a level of fitness that allows them to participate in physical activity without undue fatigue. It builds
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