The Importance Of Physical Education

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“A healthy mind in a healthy body” this quote is very important in the modern age where everyone wants to become smart and intelligent but hardly pays any importance towards physical wellbeing. It is very important to realize that physical well-being is as important as mental well-being. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, regular physical activity will help build healthy bones and muscles, help reduce the development of obesity and chronic diseases, reduce feelings of depression and anxiety and also cause improvement of students’ academic performance. (CDC, Physical Activity and the Health of Young People, 2015) This belief and conditioning has to be done from a young age and it is very important that schools have sports or physical education as a regular part of their curriculum. It not only helps to be fit but also to perform better in the academic field by being physically active. The schools should not drop sports or physical education from school curriculum because it provides lot of health benefits to the students and also brings positivity in their lives.
First of all, the proponents claim that the inclusion of the Sports and Physical Education in school curriculum would provide a lot of health benefits to the student fraternity. It benefit the students by enhancing their immunity system, building and sustaining healthy bones and muscles etc. The regular participation in physical activities in the childhood helps in reducing the risk of
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