The Importance Of Physical Education

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Physical Education - Generally Physical education is a derivative of all type of education. It is because physical education holds aspects that presents on the other educations, such as sociology, psychology, biology, even physics. All of them is combined to be one type of an education that can develop human’s cognitive skill. Physical education involves a certain of physical activities that is very useful for our body (Caspersen, 1985). This paper would discuss the important of physical education, what it is doing, how it could be important. In Canada, the expenditure for healthy increased for 6 percent. In Nederland, it increased about 8 percent. And, in United States, it increased by 8 percent. It because the people was lack of doing physical activity (Lutan, 2001). This condition was reputed to give a bad impact economically to country because it would decrease the productivity of the company where they work. Also, the vitality of children in the world has decreased (Adi, 2005). Moreover, that was also because of lack of physical activity. The awareness of doing physical activity is still low because not all people know that by doing it, they just maintain their body and vitality are healthy. So that, that’s why there is a need of physical education in order to share awareness that it could keep the body’s healthy is up (Mawson, 1975, & Adi, 2005). Generally, physical education is doing an active activity by moving parts of the body to make some movements. Physical
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