The Importance Of Physical Education

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Gym class is always a class kids remember. Either they wish they had more of it or they wish they didn’t have to do it. Maybe they are bigger and cannot do everything the other kids do, they are scared of getting hurt, or they just want to play games with their friends. These cannot always be avoided, but a few things are certain. More gym can help drop obesity rates in kids, reduces stress, and improve academics. Gym can help drop the obesity rate in children. This was found in a new study published in the Journal of Health Economics. This was some of the first studies that show a very high correlation between physical education and the weight of elementary schoolers. In, turn it found that physical education has been fighting against a growing obesity epidemic. It also said that eighteen percent of states seriously wanted to reduce their state obesity rate (Longer Gym Class Periods Reduce Childhood Obesity). This is just one reason why children need to have gym class and it is necessary for the lives of young kids so they can stay active and stay in shape. Along with dropping obesity rates, physical education helps reduce stress. Stress is bound to happen to everyone, especially in school. With a lot of kids that are in college level and extremely difficult courses, they need to have a way to relieve stress. One way of doing that is having required physical education courses. “Exercise is also considered vital for maintaining mental fitness, and it can reduce stress.
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