The Importance Of Physical Education

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The Neglecting Attitude of the Students towards their P.E. classes. Money is a necessity to live. We use money to meet our basic needs, to do our daily routines, and to attain degrees. Basically, society equates money to success that has been carried out from generations to generations. The more an individual has wealth, the powerful he or she can be. The norm they set is a hindrance to the less fortunate people. The definition of money seems to be perfect, but it also has hidden lapses. Money cannot buy neither fresh air nor health. Once we have taken these two things for granted, at the end of day we will feel the wrath of its consequences. For instance, a single inhale may cost a fortune in the future; a healthy body may hard to achieve. The physical education is created to break this phenomenon from happening. Physical education (P.E) is the awareness of the negative and the positive things that may happen in our body. It is taught primarily at home by parents, schools by teachers, and even from peers. It plays a vital role in maintaining an active lifestyle and fitness of each individual no matter how young or old he or she is. According to the book entitled Teaching Physical Education: For Learning, a functional lifestyle with fine point of views about the physical fitness together with conditioning is the main goal of physical education (Rinl, 2006, p.300). This goal should combine with understanding and proper education of the student. In dealing with life, one must

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