Maximum Physical Effort

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maximum physical effort is a mental skill, not an emotional event. While emotion may aid you, you must make the conscious choice to give all the effort you can muster for as long as you can sustain it. The following points will help you achieve maximum effort: Accept that each practice is a game in itself. The game is how long can I keep up my maximum physical effort? Identify maximum physical effort as if it were a separate goal so that you know how it feels physically, how it feels emotionally, and what it looks like visually. Identify maximum effort in practice when it is happening so you know what it is. Demand that you make a choice whether to give all you have, or not. Do not kid yourself with your answer. Expect consequences for bad choices that do not fit the identity of the team. Each person on the team has been asked to give something they…show more content…
Rate your effort after each drill, individually and as a team, until maximum effort is the rule, not the exception. This means completing each drill all the way through without shortcuts. Shortcuts do not improve self-worth, but drive it downward. Work all sides of a practice drill, so it is truly game-like (an example would be the defense on an offensive drill should play as if it were a real game). Stop and reflect on how confident and prepared you feel when you work as hard as you can all practice, every practice. Stop to reflect on how good you feel as a person after you have worked as hard as you
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