The Importance Of Physical Exercise

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“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” - Thomas A. Edison In our society today, we are facing countless health related issues of the general population, especially the youth. This is of course a result of our increasingly sedentary life-styles. Previous generations did not have the choice to not do any physical exercise on a particular day: for example, there was no option for food to be delivered to their doorstep. Hot or cold, rain or not, if they wanted fresh food, they would have to go and get it by foot. It was the little activities like these that allowed previous generations to meet the minimum requirement of the amount of movement a person needs to stay healthy. However, today, with the availability of technologies and inventions, such as cars, phones and the internet, we are no longer forced to perform various physical activities in order to fulfill our basic needs. For example, we do not need to walk to the supermarket or school, we will use our car, and it are mindsets like these that greatly restrict the amount of physical exercise we will complete in a day. We are encouraged by new and interactive technologies that allow us to do virtually anything from our couch. This ranges from doing your job from home to getting a meal brought to your doorstep. Based on various studies in England, the everlasting trend of having a healthier generation than the previous one is being drastically changed
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