The Importance Of Physical Fitness

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physical activities (PA) has been rendered as one of the most important health problems. We can help the young people to have a healthy body, away from sickness and diseases by simple giving them hope in applying physical fitness as a day to day routine (Gray, Jepson, Macvean, & Robertson, 2016, p.1). It is important to remember what physical activities that can help us. We need to motivate students in cooperating such activities that can help them to be more active and have a healthy body. As motivation is one of the reason why many people drop out of their physical exercise routines and find hard to start again. How can we have a better lifestyle? There are lots of benefits that physical fitness can help us. First, Physical fitness improves…show more content…
It plays an integral role to our body.
Why should physical fitness be given an importance? In engaging in different aspects of physical activities, we can easily notice what physical fitness bring to us. Like most people, you’ve probably heard that physical activity, including exercise, is good for us. The negative behavior of the students towards physical fitness is due to their lack of understanding of the risks of unhealthy body and lifestyle. Physical fitness is one of the important aspect in our lives. It is not just about playing sports, having training’s especially if you are an athlete, or even you are going to the gym for some workouts. It also talks about our daily tasks, like doing household chores, walking from home to school and vice versa, having self-discipline such as eating healthy foods and avoiding sedentary lifestyle. Physical fitness is a general states of health and well-being where in we can do daily activities, works and playing sports without undue fatigue. Individuals needs to engage physical fitness every day. This was based on the decade of scientific research that the longer, that “the effort we inserted and how many hours or times we exercise the greater health benefits and smaller the risks of diseases, according to its recommendation.” (Ballaynte, 2009, p.1). Young adult must give importance to physical fitness, as being physically fit help a person to be more attractive. Engaging physical fitness make you feel better, boost confidence, and develop mental health to help us more concentrated in school. Regular physical activities helps young’s physical, mental, and social benefits. Why would we consider of not having physical exercise as it brings our life to the
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