The Importance Of Physical Fitness In Cricket

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Cricket has evolved over the years from being a 60 over ODI (one day international), where physical fitness was not a key component(Unkown,n.d,) to having moving to a more modern form of the game in explosive and exciting formats such as T20 or Twenty Twenty and Hong Kong sixes .
Strength is the maximal force that can be expired or the work done against resistance (Heather, 2013.) it is often a vital contributor in many types of sports. In cricket strength is not the most important component to an athlete (3/5) however it is still vital to include it in one’s training programme
Strength is beneficial in cricket in many ways, it improves reaction time, allows bowlers to bowl faster and batsmen to hit harder. All players utilizing strength
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Athletes are required to make a lot more explosive typed movement on the field (Sarkar, 2013,) to prevent boundaries or take extraordinary catches to dismiss an opponent. These types of movement need strengthening of the whole body.
Cricket teams are split into bowlers, batsmen and fields however in more recent time’sall-rounders, athletes that can do all three aspects, are more important in a team set up. Specialist bowlers and batsmen require different type of training (Delavier, 2010.) Batsmen and fielders are more prone to use strength training to improve reaction time or to build muscle to improve performance, bowlers on the other hand would use strength training to prevent injuries to the lower back or the rotator cuff thus strengthening those muscles.
Athletes need to do compound movements like military press, dead lift, waited jumping jackets and squats to develop the muscles that are mostly utilized in particular movements in cricket. When playing a stroke or bowling various muscles are moving together hence compound exercises are essential to train in the same fashion. Doing exercises standing up, and with free weights as opposed to seated on a machine, this aids the athlete to stabilize the body and move freely and in the similar way that they do in a game. (Sarkar,
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Weight training for strength occurring in the off season needs to comprise of medium to moderately high but not too heavy, athletes should perform sets of 3-4 with repetitions(reps) of 6-12 to improve strength.As the athlete moves into in season training weight should decrease and reps should be around 8-10. With regards to rest period , this is dependent on the level of fitness of the athlete,generally rest for cricketers doing strength exercises is between 1 to 2 minutes( Sarkar, 2013). It is important for the athlete to progressively move into weight training especially for cricketers (Sarkar, 2013,) an athlete should start at the beginner level doing basic exercises like pull ups or deltoid raises with lighter weights or even theroband to moving to more heavy weights and more compound and harder exercises like squats, dead lifts, military presses as well as explosive kettle bell exercises (Delavier,
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