The Importance Of Physical Fitness In The Military

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1. The importance of physical fitness in army is undeniable. To lead men and to set personal example, physical fitness is an important attribute of military leadership. Since the introduction of Physical Efficiency Tests (PET), the realization for improving one’s physical standards has enhanced.
2. The standards set by Pakistan Army for passing PET require a nominal but regular practice. However, it has been observed that knowledge about the correct modus operandi of improving physical efficiency is often lacking. The relationship between diet and physical training is also a neglected aspect. The problems like improving weak arm muscles or reducing fat deposits have become almost common to all.
3. To discuss aspects related to physical efficiency and suggest ways and means to enhance physical standards of individuals in army environment.
4. This paper is aimed to encompass following :-
a. Educating about balanced diet - exercise relationship
b. Defining individual problem areas and their remedies
c. Ways and methods to improve physical standards
Diet, Calories and Exercise
5. Relationship between Calories and Diet. Calorie is the unit of energy. Whatever we eat, each item has some caloric value. It is not necessary that a particular item having more calories is also more nutritious . In exercise terms any eatable having lesser fat value is considered to be more nutritious. Following examples may be helpful in

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