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Physical inactivity is a negative effect on the life of everyone because it is a way that create other sort of illness and disease, which lead to obesity, stress, poor physical condition and poor posture which contribute to a low back pain. On the other hand, physical activity is very important contributor to health especially in children. It is very unfortunate that not everyone is willing to accept or to adapt to an active lifestyle. Which mean maintaining a sedentary lifestyle can relate to other risk health factors caused by physical inactivity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2017), approximately more than 36.5% of adults in the U.S. are obese. It is very important that we, public health officials
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The point is to implement a school-based physical education (PE) in the classroom or in the school by switching the curriculum and course work from 9th to 12 graders Cornel Luther High School students. (Community Guide, 2013). Furthermore, we have plan to increase the amount of intense fitness activities during PE classes and incorporate physical activity into regular classroom curriculum through physically active lessons or classroom activity breaks. By using diverse strategies of teaching, for example by substituting less active games with more active games and adopt a methodology to engage in physical education programs for African-American K-12 students’ academic that incorporate fitness and circuit training activities. At the top of that, we would like to host family-friendly educational seminars on fitness and weight status and conduct a work with community partnerships within Alexandria city to increase opportunities for physical activity (Community Guide, 2013). We will do our best to develop and provide high-quality school-based PE interventions in Cornel Luther High School and have an appropriate change in the PE and school curriculum through proper infrastructure including equipment and materials. We strongly hope our programs become successful and will have a positive impact to influence other school districts and change the lives of all the students in Virginia and even the lives of millions of people throughout the

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