Physical Security Case Study

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Harris suggests that physical security is on most occasions an afterthought (97- 98), and often overlooked because most entities concentrate on counter measures that are technological in nature. Many organizations lose information through hacking by malware into their systems, and then the same information is used against an organization.
Because of this scenario, proper implementation of physical security should be enacted so that would be attackers do not gain physical access to facilities and take information they want.
What is physical security?
This is a statutory system that was created to have a central control over financial transactions so as to avoid crisis in monetary systems. It is the central bank of the United States, created
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This can then be used to communicate during natural calamity or any other emergency. Emergencies such as storms, hurricanes and even floods can be handled through such system (Philpot &Shuki 2006). What would a good plan of operation be if the Federal Reserve System headquarters was completely put out of commission?
One of the major casualties of a shutdown would be unemployment to the many who are dependent in one way or another to the activities of the Federal Reserve System to sustain them. Take an example of the food industry which survives on quick payments. Putting the federal reserve system out of commission will spell doom for such an industry. Wholesalers and retailers too will be affected in various ways and inflation will be rampant. It will be a headache trying to fix the many activities of the Federal Reserve System in one location because it is huge diverse. There will be difficulty developing a backup system. Should the computer data stored at the Federal Reserve System headquarters be constantly backed up at an offsite location and how often should this information be backed
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In regard, there should be all the measures in cooperated, physical, technical and administrative established and implemented to ensure and assure physical security.
Several defense mechanisms should be in place for instance the defense in depth approach which can be used to provide multiple layers of security whenever control is not possible r bypassed. These measures will deny, deter, detect and delay attackers from gaining access to the facility
Basic facility needs such as, food, water, electricity and climate control must be available at all times to safeguard the interests of workers in general. This is so because these people are very important both for the organization growth and security from within. Employee safety should always be the priority and after that comes securing the facility.
In the event that disaster strikes, there should be in place experts trained in recovery, prepared for the situation. Emergency plans should follow to help in alleviating the situation by limiting the number of casualties and then when human life has been secured, other functionalities of the system can be secured through recovery

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