The Importance Of Picture Books In Children

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Picture books are important for children and adolescents. It includes images and text that explain those images. In addition, to that child could understand the story through these images. Also, images in picture books enable children to explore the world in their imagination and connection on the characters and events. Thus, is helping them to make the book more realistic. In my essay I will write about function of illustrations in picture books with children and I will analyses the opinion of critics of the novel.

The child has a sense of the images before they speak. Picture books have a series of picture tell a continuous story for children. It helps to develop their abilities and their imagination. Children 's books when involve simple words with multiple images the child can understand the intended message. Also, illustration in picture books is contributing to the development of the child. In addition, help them to stimulate his imagination, development his abilities and the discovery of his identity and knowledge of cultural heritage. Also, help them to link concepts with words. As well as, illustration is not the decoration of the text, but enhances the story, emotions and context in which it encourages the child to return to different images repeatedly. Subsequently, notes new things such as, reading emotions, the characters, interactions and secondary plots in pictures. Picture books also help the child to develop critical thinking skills, discover
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