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This essay discusses the criteria for choosing children’s/young adult literature to be used in the English classroom. My starting point will be to explain what a picture book is and ----I will start to give a definition of picture books and

Then, I will write about important factors to consider when searching for literature that makes reading enjoyable and meaningful and has a beneficial effect on learning English. My focus will be on literature for the younger pupils in school (1-4.), because I have most of my teaching experience there and therefore it is easier to relate to the age and give examples.

Picture books are books written for native speakers and an excellent way to use in Norwegian classrooms for language learning.
For many
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The variety of picture books seem endless.

Picture books
Picture books are complex / multimodal texts that is composed of one or more meaningful theses. The modality of a picture book is about pictures, text, fonts, and colors. Sound, mime, and gestures can also be modalities in picture book context by children watching images and listening to a voice that tells the story (Birkeland & Mjør 2012).
The paratext is all the text in a book that does not constitute the literary text. For example, preface, author names, titles, epigrams, etc. The paratext tells the reader something about what the book is about and can give thoughts and associations in a pre-reading phase. Mjør (2010) says that the paratext in picture books is verbal and visual features that present the actual contents of a book. The backside text is the text that often determines whether we read the book or not. Therefore, it is important to take the paratext seriously.
Dramaturgy is about how the picture book is composed in terms of tension, context, and rhythm. The pictures and color use are of great importance to the dramaturgy. Colors have a symbolic function that can create moods and
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