The Importance Of Piracy In The Movie Industry

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Since the invention of tape recorders and the widespread of VHS, pirates has taken a slot in the movie industry. The profits that should be placed in the movie production company has continuously reaching the decrease in sales because of the pirated movie copies from the internet and CDs. Laws implemented such as No Electronic Theft Act Law (NET Act) and implied protection to prevent copying of DVDs have decreased the cases of piracy. However, focusing to dispose unauthorized websites and copyright infringement will not tackle the issue. The movie industry should create new ventures that will attract consumers to find authorized provider of movies. To lessen piracy and avoid the unequal profit distribution, the industry should make a new business design underscoring admission to authorized online streaming sites in an inexpensive and timely manner.
The first thing that hurts the economy is the use of unauthorized software and websites to upload and download different movies. This illegal site has taken the profitability of the industry especially in the field of movie production because of the free and illegal access they give to the consumers. It does not only bring pain to the economy, but it also carries liabilities that may be impose to the consumers. As what
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First, by clinching authorized online streaming, the movie industry is providing a solution for consumers to avoid piracy. Next, updating the online streaming sites in line with the dates of the release of the movies in cinemas will lessen the purchasing act of consumers in trending pirated movies. Lastly, by providing rational prices for using streaming sites will support consumers with their decisions to download movies online. And at the edge of this, the music industries and consumers triumph over the spreading population of

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